Welcome-Meet Chad Hudson

Hey friends.  This is Chad Hudson here.  Welcome to the first web site that is completely run, operated, and approved by me.  Sweet!

Hopefully I can give y’all everything you have ever wanted to know about me.  I’ll give you a little insight straight into the music business and show you pictures of things that I like.  I’ll even play you some of my music and share bits and pieces of my family with you.  Who knows, I may even talk “politics” every now and then.  But the fact is this..... It’s coming straight from me.

***By the way, my new CD is NOW available at the Music Store page, so y’all go by and check it out!!

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope to keep adding to this page every week, so don’t forget to come on back and say hello when you can.

Glad You Made It, My Friends

Contact me at: chadhudson@me.com

Be sure and check the Music Store page. There you can pick up a copy of my self titled CD, so originally named, Chad Hudson.  It’s on sale at CD Baby and iTunes, but will soon be available on Amazon, and Rhapsody.  Thanks, friends!

Email me and say hello!  I’d love to hear from you